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Whenever I am making a live show, you are invited to click through to the video on YouTube using the title that shows on the video. Once there, you will be able to chat directly with me and people who are watching the video. You may also tune-in with the services below.

Alternative Viewing Options

Tipping During Live Shows (Donating)

If you are going to be watching me live on YouTube, you can donate via YouTube’s Super Chat system. While there is a part of me that does not wish to discourage anyone from using it for donations, it’s nevertheless important for everyone to know that YouTube takes 30% of every donation that is made through its Super Chat. A better alternative is donating via Streamlabs, which only takes about 2.9%. Simply put, donating through Streamlabs ensures that about 97% of your gift goes to where you want it to go. Streamlabs notifies me of donations almost instantly, just as YouTube does, giving me a chance to personally thank you immediately.

Censored/Banned Videos

Please share this. You have permission to download and redistribute. Edits of the video(s) which fall outside of Fair Use rights requires permission. In other words, these may be redistributed verbatim or in the form of short clips. A convenient download link is embedded in the right-bottom of the player (three dots).

Episode 8: Cover-ups, Cowardice, and Political Correctness

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