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Sarah Corriher, The Crusader GalHealth Wyze Media logoThe newsletter is used to send e-mail notifications of new videos, new articles, and alerts. I am being heavily censored by both social media websites and certain search engines, due to my political beliefs. Therefore, subscribing to this newsletter is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose me forever. Seriously, just do it. It is trivial to unsubscribe if you ever change you mind. Also, remember the owl image to the right/above, because all notification e-mails come from HealthWyze.org (not SarahCorriher.com). I am still answering health-related questions and I still work with Thomas, but the focus of our media is on politics now.

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Gab logoYou may not have learned of Gab yet, but it is the best social media system to use for following me. The mainstream services censor my work routinely. However, Gab was founded on the principle of free speech in a glorious act of rebellion against the despicable behavior of the other services. You are getting cheated if you are using the other services, and you’ll never know what they have not allowed you to see. The companies that make up Big Tech have been conspiring together to silence Gab, which I documented in a video. Gab is simply a better alternative all around. It does not have advertising, doesn’t hide stuff that you might want to see, and it never tries to cram a Marxist ideology down your throat.


Minds logoMinds is a social networking site that shares similarities with both Facebook and Pinterest.


Discord logoJoin my Discord channel to chat with me and those who enjoy my work. Discord is a system which allows groups of people with a common interest to communicate using either text or voice. You may join-in using a regular web browser, or you may download the Discord program for your mobile device. Join my chat room to join the conversation.


Bitchute logoBitchute is a relatively new video website, and it has garnered great support among those who have experienced rampant censorship at YouTube, due to Bitchute’s vocal support for freedom of speech. It uses a different and less centralized technology, which by-design is resistant to network attacks and censorship efforts. All of my videos are automatically uploaded to Bitchute.


Twitter logo If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get frequent commentary on current news topics, lots of sarcasm, and some appropriate criticism of flakey celebrities and the insane fads that they promote. Just be aware that I cannot say everything that I believe on Twitter without getting myself banned. Follow me on Gab (further up) for better communications and honesty.


YouTube logoI produce a variety of videos about politics and current events. While you are welcome to subscribe at YouTube, be aware that such subscriptions are unreliable, so it is recommended that you also opt to be notified of new videos using another method (like the newsletter at the top of this page and below).