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Political Pundit and Social Commentator
Senior Staff Writer and Lead Researcher at Health Wyze Media

Sarah CorriherI call myself The Ashamed Millennial largely because I am ashamed to be a Millennial. I produce media about politics; especially American politics, from a conservative perspective. Basic decency is important to me, so you will never hear trash or profanity coming from me. At the same time, I speak with a candidness that is uncommon, and I do not believe in “safe spaces”. I am unwilling to lie or self-censor for political correctness, or to protect the feelings of those who lack the maturity to engage in thoughtful discourse. One can be correct or politically correct; but he cannot be both at the same time.

I do what I do because I do not want America to become the God-forsaken cesspit that my original homeland became. It has unfortunately already begun. America is my new home and she is worth fighting for.

Born in England, I lost my mother at a very young age, and defaulted to living with two relatives who were corrupt police officers. I quickly learned from my abusive foster parents that authority should be questioned, and those who seek occupations of power often do so because they have abusive/controlling tendencies.

As a child prodigy, I ventured into politics at an early age to fight against society’s monsters; giving my first nationalistic speech to thousands at the age of 12, and received a standing ovation. I continued on that path for several years, embracing the na├»ve belief that politics could be used to save people. I would later realize that embracing a broken system of power is no way to save a country that does not actually wish to be saved. The people of my native England had lost their faith in God long ago; and as has been the historical precedent in all such cases; it has been in a hopeless tailspin since then. I came to grieve the realization that Britain could barely be considered a 1st World nation anymore, as the result of its denial of the true God and its ever-increasing embrace of the Muslim religion.

At the age of 16, I escaped to the United States of America from my increasingly aggressive, abusive father, and physical attackers from leftist political parties (e.g. Antifa). I began using my past experiences to help others by giving speeches at a local high school on the topics of domestic violence and child abuse. After writing an article about the corruption within the local school system, I was ordered not to return to the school in the future, and then I was subsequently blacklisted from even volunteering to help abuse victims. The involved governmental cronies excused their bans by claiming to have found “incriminating” images on the Internet of me shooting a gun (target practicing). It was actually a realistic BB gun in those pictures, which were part of a hoax that had been intended to frighten my biological father against visiting, as I had reason to believe that he was a serious threat to my life.

Anyway, the blatant civil rights violations and abuses of power from the local government did little to help me in overcoming my distrust of typical authorities, and the gross corruption did little to encourage me to believe that America was still the free country that it pretended to be. I have nevertheless managed to help a huge number of people, despite the attempts of corrupt politicians to silence me on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I have written a detailed book about my personal trials that I hope to publish, whenever the time is right.

Because of a horrible lifestyle during most of my early life, I began experiencing pre-diabetes soon after my arrival in America, so I gained a fevered interest in alternative medicine. I refused to accept “incurable” as an answer. As a result of my not listening to the experts, I cured myself in a matter of months, without any medical intervention from the allopathic (orthodox) establishment. It was a real wake-up for me when I realized that they absolutely lie constantly to prevent cures. Since then, I have spent an extraordinary amount of time writing and researching about health topics, most of which can be found at our HealthWyze.org website.

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